Turn Your Art or Craftwork into Money

Selling arts and crafts

Selling arts and crafts

The real truth about art or about being an artist; is you must be in it for the sheer enjoyment of the craft and little else. If you’re passionate enough to continue your interest; without making anything at the beginning, sooner or later, the recognition and rewards work will follow.

To turn your art or craftwork into money, takes a lot of dedication and a little finesse. Creating art is one thing, but finding the market for it is entirely another. The good news is – venturing out to the world and proclaiming ‘you are an artist’ helps, as well as, spending time on valuable research into the kinds of opportunities suiting your art or craftwork.

This may involve visiting your local gift shops, if you have unique paintings or craftworks you may be able to sell directly to interested stockists and providers. Usually, you’ll be able to make a good percentage of your sales doing it this way, and with the added bonus of keeping your work local, you may want to give the shop something towards your success. Although, if they conduct the sales for you, you may want to split the profits, it’s therefore, a good idea to get out and about and see if this is a viable choice.

Of course, the current most popular option for turning your art or craftwork into cash is to first gather a portfolio of everything you want to sell – as drawings, photographic images, or indeed special writings, then venture online and find suitable places to display your work. Whether you want to open your own website or webpage, or leave the sales to established communities, is entirely up to you.

One thing is certain and that’s if you do good research and follow through on every advance you make for your art, there’s every possibility you can turn your art or craftwork into money.

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Anne Coster

Anne Coster

Fulltime artist and independent reviewer